FilmRecensies.TV:THRILLER The Deaths of Ian Stone(2007) `Goede thriller eindigt in Hosteltaferelen` + TRAILER

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FilmRecensies.TV review, recensie, beoordeling:THRILLER The Deaths of Ian Stone(2007):7.0


Opnieuw een verrassende thriller die boeit. De film die zich in Londen afspeelt lijkt in sferen van The Butterfly Effect te beginnen. Hoofdrolspeler Mike Vogel speelt Ian, een student en hockeyspeler en heeft een dagelijks probleem. Hij wordt door kwaadaardige geesten elke dag bloedig vermoord om vervolgens weer opeens herboren terug te komen. Een goed gegeven voor een boeiende thriller met een iets te Hostel-achtig en wreed einde.

Van de in Milaan geboren regisseur Dario Piana. Dario, wie?

He has had experienced in both the classic and artistic fields during his years at high school, and has  carried  on his artistic skills at the famous  Art Academy of Brera in Milan.
From 1972  to 1978  he writes and draws comic strips.
In 1980 he starts working for J.W.Thompson. In 1983 he leaves J.W.T. and starts working for a small production house, compulsory stop for someone who wants to learn everything about editing, sound, special effects, video and post production.
Moreover this gave him the chance to get some experience in film direction on several  low-budget commercials.
In 1985  he collaborates  with Claudio Mancini, executive producer of some of Sergio Leone’s more important films  and Danilo Donati  (two time Oscar winner) art director for Fellini and other great Italian directors.
Dario Piana has shot more than 350 commercials working all over the world with professional talents such as Milena Canonero (costume designer  3 times Oscar winners), Jeff Kimball (Top Gun, Enemy  of the states  d.p.), Steven Poster (Someone is watching over me, Rocky 5 d.p.)  and with personalities such as Kim Basinger, Eliott Gould, A.Tomba (world sky champion), Eddie Irvine (Ferrari F1 pilot) and many other italian sport champions  (Soccer players, Basket etc.).
He has worked  with international well known SPFX companies  like  PDI, The MILL, Le BUF,  Moving Picture and others.
He has won many italian and international  adv awards, some of which  two Gold Lions, three Silver and four Bronze at Int. Advert. Film Festival in Cannes.
Three times “Advertising director of the year” in Italy. The style
Using his experience as an illustrator, he draws all the sequence in detail, already thinking about the editing which he considers to be the spine of the movie.
He personally chose the camera lenses and the kind of light the director of photography will have to develop.
He believes that being labelled with one style can be a limitation.
He loves variety of languages and tries to identify himself with  the situation to give the best out of them.
He knows all the particular filming techniques and special effects. Hobbies
Music : Keyboards and electric guitar.
Builds fantasy creatures and gnomes of all shape and sizes.
Collects any kind of jet helmets. 

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hyiO-7RQ30A FilmRecensies.TV:THRILLER The Deaths of Ian Stone(2007) `Goede thriller eindigt in Hosteltaferelen` + TRAILER, 7.5 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

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